About PlayWorx Australia

Our Vision

The generational transformation of society’s soul through the collective power of parenting.

Our Mission

To develop accessible resources and services that support parents in harnessing the transformative power of their relationship with their children to foster growth, healing, advancement, and mastery.

Our Story

A career in working with people that began before marriage and childbirth, years of study and multiple qualifications, including mental health, and a great deal of personal development.

Then the arrival of an infant that did not sleep.

It was the beginning of everything falling together in a beautiful mess. Where every belief, misconception, ideal, and hope was challenged, and in some cases shattered. Her child became her undoing, her recreation, and inspiration. Leading her down the path of specialisation in parenting frameworks that focus on relationship and connection not behaviour, child mental health services that focuses on growth and development not pathologising, and encouraging the acceptance and appreciation of the full spectrum of emotions as a part of the healing processes.

The birth of PlayWorx Australia came about as a natural progression of her work as a sole trader and play therapist in private practice. Being recreated during the Pandemic of 2020 to support more families, parents, and children to access services remotely, but also ultimately become less dependent on services, empowered in their parenting, and deeply connected to their children. 

Our Values


Curiosity is about going beyond the surface level, to look past symptoms of behaviour, attitude, perception, and beliefs to the underlying core driver. To ask questions without assumption, seek new information, dig deeper, and never stop learning. We value curiosity as a way we approach children, parents, families, and the parenting journey itself; it is also what we support parents in re-discovering. The power of curiosity in parenting. 


The etymology (the origin) of the word “compassion” is the Latin “compati” which means “to suffer with.” Compassion is feeling the suffering of another person without becoming overwhelmed by it, in so doing, hearing them and seeing them for who they are and what they are experiencing. As this new perspective forms, we are moved to respond and actively engage with that person to navigate and, eventually, alleviate suffering. We are driven to respond to each member of our community in this way, and likewise support them in learning the skills and strategies to respond to their children and families with compassion also, therefore re-wiring the brain for seeing and being seen. 


Connection takes the values of curiosity and compassion and brings them together to create the foundation for deepening and transforming relationships. To connect with each other is to invest time, energy, and attention to nourish the relationship and each individual in it; from a desire to contribute to one another, not out of a sense of obligation. We deeply value each person we work with and endeavour to connect with them in the ways most meaningful and supportive of them. Thereby investing in the development of the person, the relationship they have with themselves, and their relationships with each other. 

Capacity Building

Utilising the underpinning principles of interpersonal neurobiology and polyvagal theory (which includes how the brain wires and re-wires through experiences in relationships and the environment). Capacity Building focuses on developing and strengthening skills, instincts, abilities, and internal resources through relationship. This, in turn, supports parents and families to be empowered and self-determining without having to rely on systems and services. The flow-on effect of this is that parents are then able to build the capacity of their own children via the vehicle of the most important fundamental unit and relationship in society = family. 

Thus, the generational transformation of society’s soul through the collective power of parenting. 

Our Awesome Team



Founder, CEO & Therapist

Adoring Mother / Loving Wife / Visionary / Avid Reader/ Life Learner / Recovering Perfectionist



Founder & Operations Manager

Devoted Father / Incredible Husband / Business Builder / Spreadsheet Mastermind / Car Lover